Past Paper Questions – A View from the Bridge


You will have the option of picking from one of two questions on this paper. Each question is worth 40 marks and you should spend about 45 minutes on your chosen question. Only answer one!



May 2010:

1.       Examine the roles of Catherine and Rodolfo in this play.

2.       How are the themes of obsession and desire explored in this play?


November 2009:

1.       How successfully does Miller present Eddie’s changing character, throughout the play?

2.       In what ways are events and relationships in the play affected by the arrival of the Italian cousins?


May 2009:

1.       How successfully does Miller present the female characters in this play?

2.       Show how the theme of jealousy is explored in this play.


November 2008:

1.       Alfieri speaks directly to the audience, and yet he is also a character within the action of the play. Explain what you think his importance is, in both roles.

2.       Betrayal is an important theme in the play. Explain how Miller uses the characters to examine this theme.


May 2008:

1.       ‘There are many different ways of being a man.’ Choose two or more male characters and write about them to show how far you agree with this statement.

2.       How does Miller illustrate the difficulties which immigrants face in this play?


November 2007:

1.       Some audiences feel angry about the behaviour of the male characters in this play. What do you think there is in any of the male characters which might make the audience feel this way?

2.       Do you consider A View from the Bridge to be an effective title for this play?


May 2007:

1.       How are Marco and Rodolfo shown to be both similar and different? What is the importance of each character in the play?

2.       Write about two situations in the play that involve conflict and explain their importance.


May 2006:

1.       What do you consider to be the dramatic importance of Beatrice and Catherine?

2.       The ending of this play often brings about strong feelings in the audience. Explain your response to the ending of the play referring to the events which lead up to it.


November 2005:

1.       What is the importance of Alfieri, both when he is talking directly to the audience, and in his relationships with the other characters?

2.       In what ways does the relationship between Eddie and Beatrice change during the play?


May 2005:

1.       Throughout the play, issues of law and justice are raised frequently. Choose three events from the play that highlight these issues, and explain their dramatic importance.

2.       Consider how Catherine’s relationship with Eddie develops as the play progresses.