The Medium’s Pool



Radial Diagram







“It was ineffably lovely”

Shows how beautiful the mediums garden is.


“It seemed an enchanting place”

This shows how the mediums garden seems almost magical.


“Tall casuarina trees swayed and murmured  over the banks”

This describes how quiet the pool is and how it seems like a good place to go and think


“This casuarina and the setting sun and the river create a sort of peace”

This shows how the pool is a place where you can come to be at peace with yourself


“It looked like a green haven”

This describes how the mediums garden and pool is a place to come to feel safe.



Role in the Novel:

The medium’s Garden is a place where Krishna starts to learn to be at peace, and have calmness in his life for the first time. The Medium’s garden is also the place, where Krishna first met Susila (spirit) after her death, which makes the garden a significant place to remember. The Medium’s garden also makes a contrast to the other chaotic places in this novel; the medium’s garden is a calm and quiet place, where Krishna reaches inner peace.