Krishna’s Home



Radial Diagram







“We spent an hour or more, sitting there and gossiping.”


This shows the development of Krishna’s family life and how he and his wife enjoy each other’s company. There relationship is developing



“Her devotion to the child enabled me to take my wife twice or thrice a month to a picture, on a walk along the river, or out shopping.”


Krishna is getting along with his wife more and their relationship gets stronger because he appreciates his wife more.Susila creates an impression that she teaches Krishna about being a family



“I’m glad you have me rid of it”


This happens when Susila sold Krishna’s alarm clock. This shows a transformation of Krishna’s character as Susila begins to teach him how to accept change/ break his routine. It also shows Krishna becomes more open-minded about change



“I always fancied that I was born for a poetic career and some day I hoped to take the world by storm with the publication.”


This shows Krishna’s appreciation for literature and it may show that he is trying to enjoy what he’s doing, since he didn’t really enjoy back when he was living in the college. It does however suggest that his character is a proud one who thinks highly of himself



“…with the result that after the first ten days, I went about without money.”


Krishna isn’t able to manage money when he lived in the college but now Susila has brought a certain order and control into his financial life.



“I was usually amused to see her thus, and often asked what exactly it was that she repeated before her gods.”


Krishna mocks Susila’s religion and although he learns things about his family he is not, at this point, able to see their value.



“I left the college usually at 4:30”



Shows that he always has a schedule to follow


“I felt great pity for her; the more because I had not shown very great patience.”


Krishna becomes less arrogant because he is humbled by Susila. Susila makes him more aware about the way he treats other people and what he does to people’s emotions. Krishna learns to realize that he is wrong at times



“I followed her list with strict precision…”



Krishna learns how to respect other people more i.e. Susila. He has become more humble and there is the impression that Susila has power over him




Role in the Novel: