Krishna’s College



Radial Diagram








Gopal was as sharp as a knife-edge where mathematical matters were concerned’

Tells us that teachers here such as Gopal are not flexible and is only able to teach one subject


‘Mug up’

Students who study at the school are only studying for the exams rather than any other educational purposes



;honours had to be spelt with a “u”’

Shows how much the school and teachers expect and how they are demanding which shows rule, order and control



‘As if colleges and schools were gymnasia

the main job of the school is to educate the students but in Krishna’s college this is missing, here the schools are making students to pass their exams



‘you are very bad in english

Shows us that the school and teachers don’t take much care about their students feelings



‘can’t be done’

Shows that school is routine and that everything must be done in the order, even the attendance which isn’t as important as the students education.




Role in the Novel:

Krishna’s college contrasts to the Headmaster’s school and it’s lifeless monotony reflects Krishna’s life at the beginning of the novel and contrasts with what he is going to become in the future which is more caring and loving. It shows the different style of teaching between the British influenced and the Indian schools: British influence schools are more controlling whilst the Headmaster’s Indian school is more loving and compassionate.