Past Paper Questions - Section B (ii)


This is always a question which asks you to write in a certain style, it can be persuasive, explanatory, informative, descriptive or any other style. When you answer this question you should remember to work out the GAP and make sure you write accordingly. This question is testing your ability to write and so spelling and grammar are particularly important here. This question is worth 10 marks and so you should spend about 20 minutes on it.


May 2010 – Shopping for Romanian Babies

Imagine that a family you know is thinking of adopting a child from another country. What, in your view, might be the advantages and disadvantages, for the child and for the family?


November 2009 – Touching the Void

“Dangerous sports, such as mountain climbing and motorcycle racing, should be banned!” Write a letter to a newspaper explaining your views on this subject.


May 2009 – Chinese Cinderella

Adeline Yen Mah achieves what she has always dreamed of. Describe what you want in your life and how you aim to achieve it.


November 2008 – Impact Alert

Your school or college Science Club has learned that the government is going to reduce the amount of money for scientists to study Space. Write a letter to the government giving your views for OR against using public money for Space research.


May 2008 – I Never Thought I Could be this Lucky

What facilities are there for disabled people in your school, or in your local area, and how might they be improved?


November 2007 – Explorers or Boys Messing About?

Imagine that you were a news reporter who witnessed the rescue of Steve Brooks and Quentin Smith. Write a report for radio, describing what you might have seen.


May 2007 – Touching the Void

Imagine that you have witnessed an accident or an exciting rescue. Write a report for your local newspaper describing what you saw.


November 2006 – Shopping for Romanian Babies

How does the writer make us sympathise with the orphans in the passage? You should refer closely to the passage to support your answer. You may include brief quotations


November 2005 – Chinese Cinderella

Imagine that you have won a large amount of money. Explain how you would use this money, and why.


May 2005 – Explorers or Boys Messing About?

‘Explorers and adventurers should be forced to pay for the cost of their own rescues, however expensive.’ Write a letter to a newspaper arguing for or against this statement.