Language Exam Mark Scheme– Section B(i)



The candidate:



·         makes perceptive points about the writer's techniques showing an ability to use analysis and interpretation

·         is likely to use textual references with some discrimination to substantiate points made

·         shows sound analysis and interpretation of the writer's use of language in points that are clearly organised and developed




·         shows a sound understanding of the writer's techniques

·         is likely to select suitable aspects of the text

·         begins to be able to show how meaning and effect are being created




·         begins to show greater familiarity with a wider range of techniques in the passage

·         may be able to select some more relevant sections of text, but not consistently

·         is able to make clearer comments about the writer's technique




·         shows some understanding of the writer's technique, though there may still be some uncertainty about some aspects of the passage

·         shows an understanding of some of the main features of the passage, but it is not sustained

·         may demonstrate some selection of text

·         makes simple comments on aspects of language and technique




·         is able to make a small number of simple points that may focus on only one of the two bullet points

·         may recount aspects of the text rather than addressing technique

·         shows a limited grasp of ideas



·         makes no response or a response that does not refer to the question or seem to be a response to the text