Section B – Essay Check Sheet


Use this check list to give you ideas of what to look for when marking your partner’s essay. As well as putting comments on their work as you read through it give them a final grade under each section (5 is the best) and tick the things they have done well and circle those that they could improve on in their redraft.


1)           General Sense & Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

            Grade (1 – 5) ………

·         Check and correct obvious errors of spelling or grammar

·         Check the sentences make sense and are the easy to follow

·         Check that paragraphs are not too short or too long

·         Check for obvious mistakes – they’re, there, there, where, were, wear, which, who

·         Check that whenever you have used a pronoun e.g. ‘it’ ‘her’ or ‘them’ it is clear who / what you are talking about


2)           Introductory Paragraph

      Grade (1 – 5) ………

·         May include a brief explanation of the poet’s life or context at the time of writing if relevant (200 – 300 words)

·         Should give a brief summary / flavour of what the answer will be like

·         End or begin with a quotation


3)           Development

            Grade (1 – 5) ………

·             Check that the points are made in a clear sensible order

·             Check that similarities as well as differences are considered

·             Check there are four to six main points each supported by sub-points

·             Check all the main points and sub-points doing the same job are grouped together

·             Check that each point follows the PEE structure


4)           Evidence

            Grade (1 – 5) ………

·             Check that each point is supported by at least one piece of relevant evidence

·             Check that most of the time more than one piece of evidence has been used to support a point

·             Check that a range of, linguistic, figurative and structural features have been used as evidence


5)           Explanations

            Grade (1 – 5) … … …

·             Check that for each quotation / group of quotations there is an explanation

·             Check that the explanation makes it clear how this quotation supports the point / answers the question

·             Check that the explanations pick out specific words in the quotation and talk about the effect of those words


6)           Conclusion

            Grade (1 – 5) … … …

·             Check that there is a definite conclusion rather than just a general running out of things to say

·             Check that the conclusion ends powerfully, either with a quotation that sums up the main point or interesting question


7)           Overall Answer

            Grade (1 – 5) ………

·             Check that you have understood the question and given a clear, detailed, good answer to that question

·             Check you  have correctly understood the themes and moods of the poem