Compare and contrast the moods and themes created in ‘Poem 1’ and ‘Poem 2’


Your plan needs to be a detailed account of almost everything that will go in your essay. You don’t have to write in sentences but all of the ideas need to be there. Laying your plan out like this also helps to ensure that your final essay will be well structured. If you write a good plan it becomes a lot easier to write a good essay.



Main Point 1:   The mood of vibrancy and vitality created in India in comparison to the dull flatness of the young-soldier’s life in ‘Disabled’


Subpoint A: The vibrancy and vitality of India

Evidence:          ‘satin peach knee’, ‘icing my hand’, ‘the peacock’, ‘shadow stitched kameez

Explanation:      These images of vibrant, lively colours suggest how exotic and richly coloured the life and culture in India is. Many images are natural – peach and peacock – suggesting something wholesome and good and the peacock image in particular is an image of hidden beauty implying that, when one digs beyond the surface of India, further beauty is revealed. The image of icing calls to mind rich and luxuriant decoration and there is something equally exotic and elegant sounding about the ‘shadow stitched kameez


Evidence:          the irregular line length, lack of rhyme scheme and regular rhythm structure



Evidence:          the use of sibilance and …




Subpoint B: Similarly the exciting and vibrant life of the boy before the war

Evidence:          ‘swing so gay’, ‘glow lamps budded’, ‘girls glance lovelier as the air grew dim’




Subpoint C: The flat dullness of the young soldier’s life after the war