Oral Mark Scheme (Individual Talk)




General Criteria

Individual Talk Criteria

(explain, describe, narrate)



       Candidates show an exceptionally high ability in handling a wide range of roles. They listen perceptively to a range of complex speech. They are sensitive in their choice of speech style and their use of Standard English vocabulary is mature and assured

       In individual contributions, they adapt readily to task an audience, communicating complex content ad managing listenerís attention through sophisticated styles of delivery

       In group work, they listen perceptively, making influential and authoritative contributions


         show originality and flair in the use of vocabulary, intonation, expression and gesture

         express ideas with subtlety, e.g. using irony or detachment

         respond to points with authority



       Candidates initiate speech and take a leading part in discussion, responding in details to othersí ideas. They listen and respond to a range of complex speech. They show an assured use of Standard English vocabulary and grammar in a range of situations and for a variety of purposes

       In individual contributions, they involve their listeners skillfully, through their command in communicating aspects of challenging content

       In group work, they use different ways to initiate, develop and shape discussion, encouraging others to participate


         use a range of highly developed vocabulary to suit a variety of purposes and contexts

         show cogency and explicit depth of detail when required

         respond to questions in a way which is precisely matched to context




       Candidates speak purposefully in a range of contexts of increasing complexity, managing the contributions of others. They listen with some sensitivity and respond accordingly. They show effective use of Standard English vocabulary and grammar in a range of situations

       In individual contributions, they exhibit confidence and fluency in talk and a sensitive awareness of listeners, adapting style of delivery to their needs

       In group work, they make an impact on discussion through sensitive listening and by challenging and constructive contributions


         use a flexible range of vocabulary and grammatical structures to convey meaning, including inferential aspects

         manage challenging subject matter effectively

         respond to questions in an apt and well considered way




       Candidates speak with fluency and make significant contributions to talk in a variety of different contexts. They listen closely and sympathetically, responding as appropriate. They show a competent use of Standard English vocabulary and grammar in situations that demand it.

       In individual contributions, they adapt to different audiences, sustaining the interest of the listeners through judgment in choice of style and delivery

       In group work, they participate fully, sustaining their listening and making significant contributions


         use varied, ordered and appropriate vocabulary and expression

         maintain clarity in overall organization

         answer questions using relevant and effective detail




       Candidates make relevant contributions to talk and are able organize speech in collaborative contexts, varying their style of delivery as appropriate. They listen attentively and make responses that show some understanding. They are increasingly aware of the need for, and use of, Standard English vocabulary and grammar.

       In individual contributions, they use different strategies to engage the listenerís interest.

       In group work, they make a range of effective contributions , taking account of what others say


         use a suitable range of appropriate vocabulary

         giver ordered and, at times, focused accounts of events and processes

         give detailed clarification in response to requests




       Candidates speak clearly in different contexts, showing some ability to vary delivery to suit situation and audience. They listen with concentration to a range of talk. They generally use Standard English vocabulary and grammar where appropriate.

       In individual contributions, they make attempts to engage the listenersí interest

       In group work, they concentrate in discussions and make useful contributions




         use straightforward and appropriate language

         give structured and occasionally developed accounts

         answer questions clearly using some detail



       Candidates speak clearly in a range of familiar contexts, adapting talk to audience and purpose. They listen carefully to a range of talk and respond to otherís ideas and views. They use features of Standard English vocabulary and grammar appropriately

       In individual contributions, they show some awareness of the listeners

       In group work, they follow discussions carefully and make appropriate contributions


         use an increasing vocabulary to express ideas and order events

         provide straightforward factual accounts and narratives

         respond simply to requests for clarification




       Candidates speak and listen about personal interests in familiar contexts. They listen to others and recall the main features of what they hear. They show some recognition of the functions of Standard English.

       In individual contributions, they show limited awareness of the listeners

       In group work, they listen and make some contribution to discussion


         use straightforward vocabulary

         give a simple account or narrative with some detail

         give brief responses to general points




Candidates demonstrate limited achievement in speaking and listening