Dulce et Decorum Est Coursework


‘What impression is created of war by Owen in his poem Dulce Et Decorum Est.'


The Task:


Stage 1

Produce a detailed essay plan

1 week’s class time and homework

Stage 2

Produce a first draft of the essay

1 week’s homework

Stage 3

Mark a partner’s essay and give them feedback

1 homework and 1 lesson

Stage 4

Redraft your essay into a final second draft

1 week’s homework



Things to remember:

You must PEE!

·         Each paragraph needs to contain the following three features:

o        Point                 a clear statement of the effect that the poet has created on the audience

o        Evidence           a small quotation (2-4 words is best) to support your point

o        Explanation       an explanation of how the words you’ve picked out create the effect you mention in the point

·         The explanation should be the largest part of any paragraph

·         Good paragraphs will have more than one piece of evidence and more than one explanation in them

·         You can sometimes put the Evidence first followed by a Point to vary the order of your paragraphs

·         You should try to include your quotations smoothly in your sentences

·         You should not talk about how a quotation is ‘evidence’ or how it ‘proves your point’ even though we do this in class


Consider a variety of features!

·         You need to pick out specific small quotations, or features of the poems and comment on the effect they have. In addition to simply the looking at the meanings of the words you should also consider the use of sound effects; rhythm, rhyme and other structural features; punctuation, images and symbols; enjambment and any of the other features in the poetry toolkit.

·         You must show how a variety of features work together to create the same effect.


Consider multiple interpretations!

·         Consider how one word (or any other literary feature) can have more than one effect on the reader. The best students will be able to explore how a single word can create two different effects at the same time without having to choose which one is the ‘right’ effect.



·         Talk about how successful, how powerful or how effective certain parts of the poem are.